Simon's Jazz Drums is a musical game based on the popular Simon Says and the movie Whiplash.

Players have to click the correct color and try to do it in the best moment (or Tempo, as musician say).

If players press the wrong color, the game says something bad, as professor Fletcher in the movie.

If you achieve 4000 points, the jam session starts!

This game is about what some music students experienced in the past, myself included: : streess, humiliation and verbal abuse. My (horrible) professor was Mr Salas.

Thank you Mr Salas for making me the human being I am... not!

Game design, code and music: J. Felipe Molina

External assets used:

- Drummer icon made by Pixel perfect from

- Painting shader: Daniel Ilett, twitter:@daniel_ilett

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Made withUnity
Tagsbebop, drums, jazz, whiplash

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