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Dystopicon's references
To create the Dystopicon room we wanted to use the door as a vanishing point. It is the place that the player looks at and the central axis of the composition...
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Watch TV, earn money, pay to live! Our dystopia
Watch TV, earn money, pay for live! Dystopicon is an experimental game based on classic #dystopian novels: - 1984: state controls citizens - A Happy world: stat...
Hotfix: - some frozen sounds during game paused. - Texts misspelling - ligthing errores - Game Frozen in one of the endings
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(Almost) Last release!
After many months of work, in which my family situation caused the development to be delayed, Dystopicon is almost finished . Finally, following the advice of g...
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Bugs fixed
Lottery has been fixed. Now prizes are lower, Sorry for that :D Statistics now are shown by red and green signals to make easier to understand how use devices o...
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New update
Several changes added after listening players feedback: - Now players know how their statistics change after using a device. - Lottery system fixed - New comic...
We are really happy! 500 people have downloaded and played Dystopicon. This game is a dystopian life simulator where players need to watch TV to earn money. Wit...
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More (awesome) changes!
Some objects affect to more than one parameters. The goberment lottery system has now more prizes: you can win from 5$ to 500$ and a full time job. A new comic...
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