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New Intro!
Hello Citizens! We are working in a new level with more story, devices and mechanics. Meanwhile, we want to share with you a new update with a new Intro. We hop...
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Big Big bug fixed
Sorry for the latest update. We focused on improving and testing the game's performance and we don't test all the basic mechanics. This has caused the televisio...
Bugs fixed, minor changes, 2019 retrospective and 2020 goals
We are very happy. Dystopicon has exceeded all expectations we had. When we publish the game we set these goals: - Reach 2000 downloads - Appear in 2 specialize...
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Million dollar Rat bug fixed. Sorry :P
Most of you played Dystopicon after seeing this (awersome) video made by GreyStillPlays We know you all love to hav...
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We need your feedback about Dystopicon!
We are thinking about our next steps and we would love to know what you think about Dystopicon. Would you mind filling out this survey to give us feedback? The...
New review in a Spanish website!
We are very happy today. Nivel Oculto , one of the most important spanish websites about indie games has published an article about Dystopicon, and they like it...
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A 500$ bug...
Yes... we forgot to put the initial money in the correct value and, from last update, all players started the game with 500$... Well... We are sorry but we hope...
Final release!
The last weeks have been ... interesting. We have seen how Dystopicon came out in several videogame media with good reviews and more youtubers have made us new...
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